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Acquire is a membership group based on (a channel based chat platform similar to slack). In our Discord server we provide, guides, support, information, monitors and tools which help our users to generate a substantial supplementary income. Acquire is designed to cater to both beginners and experts. We have multiple features which ensures that every member has something that suits them.

Acquire is jam packed with features.

Clear and easy to understand guidance

Accessible to users of all abilities, even complete beginners.

Constant support

Plethoras of information


We provide extensive sneaker focused information, monitors and guides which allows our members to hugely profit on the multi billion dollar secondary market for designer goods. Our members are provided with everything needed to profit massively from reselling sneakers. This includes, release schedules, links, release updates, information on high profit releases and brick flips (low profit releases) and sneakers investment information.

Stocks & forex

We provide our users with news, opinions and training on stocks and forex. Our guidance allows our members to learn skills such as money management and diversification. With the help of our news and signals our members are able to profit thousands monthly from both day trading and longterm plays.


At Acquire we believe in teaching our users new skills and practices to help them develop as a person. Our members can learn a range of new skills such as; marketing, drop shipping, design and development.


Art and collectables are highly sought after due to this there are vast profits to be made every day from selling in demand art and collectables. Our members are provided with detailed guides on what to buy and where to sell. This has allowed our members to make up-to $10,000 per item on the secondary market for art and collectables.


Drop shipping is another amazing way our members generate a supplementary income. They are taught about every step of the drop shipping process. And are even taught how to claim $800 free add credit. As well as creating a Shopify store our users are taught how to master Ebay and Amazon selling. Finding a product to sell has never been easier with our support team posting new products daily.

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